Mold Removal Winnipeg Experts

Safe & Effective

All our processes are completely safe and effective. We guarantee the complete removal of all dangerous mold air spores needed for safe occupancy.

Inspection & Testing Services

Not sure what the extent of your air quality problem is? The wise choice would be inspection and testing to ensure complete safety and removal.

Trusted & Experienced Staff

All our staff are trained extensively on not only finding the most minute traces of mould bacterium, but providing timely and professional service to both residential and commercial clients regardless of size and scale.

Recognizing & Removing Toxic Mould From The Home

Removing only the visible mold removal can make you feel better but it does not totally eliminate the danger toxic mould poses to your home residence or business. More and more rental property owners are opting to invest in a comprehensive mold inspection and testing service to confirm the premises are completely safe once remediation has ceased. Once your home has passed a live spore mould test as well as a visual inspection it will be deemed safe for occupants. Failure to make this distinction can result in health problems for your tenants and it also leaves you open to legal issues.

When choosing a mold contractor in the Ottawa area do your research and make sure they have some sort of guarantee on the complete removal of all mould to the point where normal occupancy can continue safely. Another concern you may want to be vocal about is any allergic or health reactions that can be possible from the chemicals used during the remediation process. It is now common to use a substance known as ‘mold mist’ which is basically vapour that neutralizes dangerous mold spores behind drywall. The idea is that it can be injected from a small hole in your drywall instead of ripping out large sections just to remove small amounts. Certain people can be sensitive to the chemicals used during this process so it is important to know beforehand what the exact checmicals used will be so you can do further research and find out if there will be any adverse effects or reactions immediately or over time.

It’s also important to separate the services of mold remediation and testing from those companies that do water damage clean-up, Moisture and leaky pipes are common sources of mold, but cleaning up the overt and minute traces are not a guarantee that it won’t return. If you’ve experienced large scale seasonal flooding, pipe leaks or water damage you’ll want to get this dealt with prior to any air quality or mould testing services come in.

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